Back to school- does your child need a renter's policy?

Back to school- does your child need a renter's policy?

Are you a parent sending your child to college this fall? For the first time or for another year? We know it can be a time filled with uncertainty and worry.

You are probably wondering, “why does my insurance agent care if my kid is going back to college?”

It’s important to know if your child’s belongings are covered under your current policies or if they need a renter’s policy!

Luckily, most homeowner’s or renter’s policies cover kids living on campus. So if their dorm burned down or their dorm was broken into- they would be covered. Sigh of relief right?

BUT! If your child is living off campus- it’s a whole different ballgame. Renting a house or apartment that is not included in tuition and provided by the University is considered off campus. This means their expensive electronics and personal belongings are left with no protection.

Does your child own any of the following?

  • -computers, tablets, gaming systems
  • -jewelry
  • -furniture
  • -textbooks
  • -musical instruments
  • -sports gear/equipment

If so, you should consider getting a renter’s policy for your college student!