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May 26, 2016
May is national BBQ month! Sounds fun doesnt it? 
Let's keep it that way with brushing up on a little grill safety!
Did you know that nearly 9,000 home fires a year involve grills, according to a National Fire Protection Association report.
AND 4 out of 5 home fires involving grills were gas fueled grills.

Here are some tips to stay safe.
- #1 leading factor of gas grill fires was a leak or break, so be sure to check the gas cylinder hose
for leaks before using it for the first time every year.
- If you smell gas while cooking, get away from the grill immediately and call the fire department. Do not attempt to move it.
- Never turn the gas on when the lid is closed!
- When finished cooking, close valve completely!
For those of you who prefer a charcoal flavor:
- Remember charcoal grills remain hot for many hours after flames go out. 
- Check for rust damage in metal grills.
- Purchase the proper starter fluid and do not add any once fire has been started.
- Do not leave grill unattended.

In general:
- Keep your grill on a level surface more than 10 feet from structures.
- Keep children and pets away.
- Watch for any tree limbs too close to the grill.
- Only grill outside!
- Clean your grill after use!
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